segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009

Your body is a wonderland

We got the afternoon,
You got this room for two,
On thing I’ve left to do,
Discover me,
Discovering you.

One mile to every inch of
Your skin like porcelain
One pair of candy lips and
Your bubblegum tongue.

And if you want love
We’ll make it
Swimming a deep sea
Of blankets
Take all your big plans
And break’em
This is bound to be a while

Your body is a wonderland
Your body is a wonder (I’ll use my hands)

You tell me where to go and
Though I might leave to find it
I’ll never let your head hit the bed
Without my hand behind it.

Damn baby
You frustrate me
I know you’re mine all mine all mine
But you look so good it hurts sometimes…

Boa semana....

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